Yoga in Launceston & Online

Hello & Welcome, I'm Emma & I offer yoga in the Launceston area.

I'm now holding local groups online as well as in St Stephens Hall.

You'll find the class timetable and information on the classes page

If you'd like to book a class or have any queries please contact me:

Phone   07821 636929  
(Please text your name & number ~ I'll return your call)

My Training
Teaching diploma ~ British Wheel of Yoga 3 yr dip 
Yoga Therapy ~ Yoga Campus 
Yoga Nidra ~ Bihar School of Yoga
'Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs'  ~  YHLB Institute

What To Expect
Groups are mixed ability, welcoming & suitable for beginners.  They include physical movement, simple breathing exercises, guided relaxation & meditation.

Yoga is a broad, holistic tradition & the practise of yoga can transform all aspects of our lives for the better.

The Benefits Of Yoga
The benefits of yoga can be felt almost immediately, some people feel more relaxed and energised after just one class !

Increased Energy   Improved Flexibility & strength    Better sleep patterns
Increased concentration  *   Mental calm     Better able to manage stress

Yoga for Health  
Yoga can help with a broad range of health issues including;

Tension Headaches   Depression  *  Anxiety  *  Insomnia
Skin conditions such as psoriasis  *  Irritable Bowel Syndrome  *  Fatigue
Fybromyalgia  *  Hypertension   *  Menstrual Discomfort
General aches & pains   Back pain  Recovery from illness & injury

How Yoga Works
Yoga is particularly effective because it is holistic, the combination of physical movement, mindfulness & relaxation allows the body & mind to release tension & become better able to heal.  A regular Yoga practice can promote a firm foundation for health and well being.

Yoga for All
Yoga is helpful & enjoyable for all. We do not need to be flexible & fit to practice, even people who feel unfit can start yoga. The most important thing to remember, to practise yoga safely & enjoyably, is that Yoga is an ongoing 'practice'  & we do not need to get into complicated looking postures to benefit.  Lying down and consciously relaxing is as much yoga as a strong physical practice.

Yoga is Empowering 
The practise comes from Within
We become responsible for our own health & wellbeing ~ Together

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